Nikkie Fraley

Sonic Massage Therapy


Nikkie Fraley offers

Hi I'm Nikkie Fraley. I'm a certified Sonic Massage Therapist. I received my certification in mid 2020 and I'm thrilled to be offering my services at Studio Visage. I genuinely enjoy helping others relax, release and recharged. During your session, your body and mind will go on a sound and vibrational journey with harmonious, Tibetan Singing Bowls. Your body will experience the vibrations through the bowls, which are played directly on your (covered) body, while your brainwaves enjoy the energizing sound journey. I look forward to treating you to this unique, meditative, selfcare session. Please reach out to me with any questions your have, or if you don't see an available time that works for you! I can be reached via text at 314.779.8175 or email at